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Our Services for You

Advertising prints on balloons and the variety of promotional objects have been expanded. Due to this fact, we are a complete partner for inflatable promotional objects and manufacture to order of any kind.

Thanks to our warehousing and dispatching logistics, it is possible to deliver you the requested object, encroaching 2000 m2 of storage ground, within 24 hours. If you miss any object from some of our previous ordering catalogues, please contact us. We shall provide any balloons existing on the market, or their accessories, within a short term.

Survey of Our Services:

Qualatex Distributor Accessory Production Balloon Print Occasion Balloons Special Foil
Giant Inflatables PVC Objects Giant PVC Objects Jumping Castles Air Dancers
Helium For Rent Accessories
For Rent
Decoration Seminars Event Decorations Promo Events
Balloon Mail Promotion Objects Balloon Shop

Ask for the catalogue, or download it now. Retail prices are available on request.